Remote Online Notarization

Acknowledgments & Jurats are available remotely online

How does it work?

Verification of Identity

  • Signers must pass a Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) quiz

  • Signers upload their IDs for review

  • Signers take a selfie

  • Security software performs a full analysis of the IDs

  • Finally a live visual inspection of the ID over video

Secured Video Conferencing

The signers, any witnesses, and the eNotary meet online at a signing platform mandated by the Missouri Secretary of State. The signing takes place live, and both its audio and video will be recorded for record retention purposes.

Digitally Sealed Documents

The document is digitally sealed using an IdenTrust certificate specific to the eNotary. If the document is ever altered, the seal will indicate it.

The eNotary then sends a PDF of the completed document to the signer. Since the notarized document is digital, and an original, they can email it wherever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can I use?

PC or Mac desktops give the best experience. You can also use Android or iPhone (Safari only) devices. Be sure to use one of the following browsers:

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

  • Edge

But how do I sign?

Mobile devices will have you sign with a finger.

On a PC or Mac you can:

  • type it using a "handwriting" font

  • draw it with the mouse

  • upload it

  • together with your smartphone, you can sign with a finger

  • fax it, if you have one

With the document being digital, how is it secure?

The document is "sealed" with an IdenTrust™ security certificate. When the file is opened, it explains how it is sealed and if it has been tampered with. You can print and provide a hardcopy. If they want further proof, send them the file. Even better save a tree, and send them the file first!

What if I can't get the KBA questions right?

I will be unable to notarize your document online. You will be given two attempts and few people have trouble.